Reopening: What to expect

UPDATE 5/29: Under NC Executive Order 141, we have been allowed to reopen at a reduced capacity and with a number of new health requirements. We are currently only seeing existing, low risk clients unless you have a referral from our health care partners. Please call your therapist or our office to discuss these changes and to check our availability.

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS WITHOUT A REFERRAL FROM A PARTNER HEALTH CARE PROVIDER AT THIS TIME. We anticipate accepting new clients when NC and Mecklenburg County enter Phase 3.

So far it looks like massage therapy will be opening again as part of Phase 2 in North Carolina. Right now, that is set for May 22nd, which would put our office opening on May 25th. However, if the cases spike again, which is very likely, it may be delayed. This is the absolute earliest date we anticipate being able to see clients. This is NOT a guaranteed date. We ask you to not flood our office with calls at this time: we will be contacting people whose sessions were cancelled during shut down first.

Expect to see these new requirements for all sessions:

For sanitation, we will be using the following measures:

  • vinyl cover over the table and under all clients, cleaned with 10%+ bleach solution between clients
  • vinyl headrests cleaned with 10%+ bleach solution between clients
  • linens in a hot wash plus bleach between all sessions (linens are already required to be laundered between each use)
  • masks laundered ina hot wash plus bleach between all uses
  • cleaning of door handles, phones, desks, etc between all sessions with 10%+ bleach solution between clients
  • no blankets except at specific request to reduce laundering load
  • longer times between sessions to allow air circulation