Pricing Information

Cash Pricing

$50 per 30 minute session

$70 per 45 minute session

$90 per 60 minute session

$120 per 90 minute session

There are no upgrade charges for a particular type or style of massage- Swedish, Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, etc.

Pregnancy massage can be performed up until birth itself; please inform us if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Post natal (childbirth)massage can be performed as early as 3 days after birth depending on your rate of healing.

Please feel free to inquire about bringing your infant to your massage if you are interested.

Aromatherapy can also be included free of charge. Choose from 20 scents to add a new layer to your massage.

Please note it is our policy to charge 50% of the full session fee for no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. This will be noted on your account and added to your next session or taken from an existing package.

For Medical Massage for Auto and Work Injury Insurance, please see this page for pricing through your insurance company.

Products for Home care and health:

Kinesiotaping Treatment:      $20 per treatment area

8 Stretches for the Everyday Athlete (Ebook version coming soon!)       $20 

Tennis Ball Massage for Self Care (Ebook version coming soon!)      $15

The Arnica Rub:       4 oz        $15          2 oz       $9

Albedo100 Reflective Spray 4.6 oz  (Permanent, Non permanent, or Pet safe)       $18

I use the Albedo100 Reflective Spray while walking my dog, and my neighbors tell me it’s shocking, like seeing a ghost! But I’m glad they’re paying attention! Georgia D
(Need more testimonials? Check them out here!)

OPTP 36″ Foam Roller Firm     $40 (limited price special!)

OPTP Massage Stick      $50

Tennis Balls     1 for  $2 or 3 for  $5

5”x7” Cold Pack             $6

Essential Oils vary by type.

Race Recover Repeat

Looking to beat last year’s PR? Avoid injury? Recover faster? Let us help!

Our Event Training Package includes services to help you train with less injury, feel your best during your race, recover with less pain, and get yourself ready for your next challenge!

Essential Therapy’s “Race Recover Repeat” package proved to be beneficial to my training in many ways. I learned new stretching techniques, where to focus my training efforts, why my body was reacting the way it was to my training, and how to prevent potential injuries. Becca does a great job keeping you focused on your overall health and providing suggestions on how to maintain a healthy approach to training. I’d recommend it to anyone training for a strenuous event.

Adam H. January 2016 (Need more testimonials? Check them out here!)


Training Phase:
• 30-Minute Training Stretch Needs Assessment with anatomical explanationET_RacePackageFlyer_Update_dft3
• Two to five individualized stretches with demonstrations
• Four 60-Minute Pre-Event Maintenance Massages
• Stretch and workout review after every massage
• Customized workout care plan
• Raceday checklist

Post-Event Recovery Phase:
• 60-Minute Recovery Massage with stretching and myofascial recovery work
• 30-Minute Post-Event Stretch Needs Assessment with anatomical explanation
• Two to five individualized stretches with demonstrations
• 60-Minute Cross-Training/Reconditioning Massage with stretch and workout review

Special Bonus Items including:
• “Pretty Healthy” Self Assessment Quiz
• 18 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Every Day
• “8 Stretches for the Everyday Athlete” Self Care Guide
• Checklists, self-assessments, and discounts from local Health and Wellness Businesses! Currently: FREE session at Sukha Yoga Therapy, GOODIE BAG from Run For Your Life, SAMPLE PACKS and HEALTH INFORMATION from Juice Plus+, and RECIPES for healthy shakes from Toni Branner, Exercise Physiologist and “Crazy Plant Lady!”

Over $700 value!

Yours for $595.00!

Race Recover Repeat Package
Race Recover Repeat Package

Products for Self Care Upgrade: $100
• 18” foam roller with quick reference guide
• 18” stick massager with quick reference guide
• Two ounce bottle of Arnica pain relief cream
• Two cold packs
• Two tennis balls with self care guide


Plus, be one of the first 20 to purchase and get added to our “Early Adopters” list, where you will have access to new product, videos, handouts and more for greatly reduced prices, or even for Free!


Chair Massage:

For Employee Appreciation, Health Fairs, or Project Push Days!

Minimum 4-10 minute sessions.  Pricing is $7/ 5 minute increments, maximum 20 minutes per person. Travel fees may apply.

Looking for a great way to show your employees you care? Chair massage is ideal! Reduce stress and give them a boost without breaking the bank. Scheduled times reduce disruption to work flow, while waiting for their turn and talking with coworkers increases their appreciation.


  We offer a wide variety of gift options!!!

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Payment Options:

MasterCard/Visa, Check (after 3 sessions), Cash (No Cashier’s Checks)

Please note it is our policy to charge 50% of the FULL session fee for no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. This will be noted on your account and added to your next session or taken from an existing package.