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Becca is amazing. She literally knew what hurt and was knotted just by touch (and could tell the difference without asking). Worked her magic and I waa so relaxed & relieved! Amazing. Professional. Skilled. Highly recommended!

February 2018, Bethany B

I can’t say enough how thoughtful and talented Becca is. Hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever had. She takes the time to assess and personalize the service to achieve the desired results. Absolutely wonderful!

February 2018, Lesha D

Becca saved me yesterday. I’m training for an ultra marathon and my legs are like chewed up meat. She worked on my calves and feet for an hour and I no longer have a limp. She knows the body and how to heal it. Hallelujah​ and thanks!

May 2017, Megan R

Becca is great! She gives great education and advice, and I would recommend her to anyone interested in either sports recovery, for fun, or for gifts for loved ones!

April 2017, Amanda V

I use the Albedo100 Reflective Spray while walking my dog, and my neighbors tell me it’s shocking, like seeing a ghost! But I’m glad they’re paying attention!

April 2017,  Georgia D


Essential Therapy’s “Race Recover Repeat” package proved to be beneficial to my training in many ways. I learned new stretching techniques, where to focus my training efforts, why my body was reacting the way it was to my training, and how to prevent potential injuries. Becca does a great job keeping you focused on your overall health and providing suggestions on how to maintain a healthy approach to training. I’d recommend it to anyone training for a strenuous event.

January 2016, Adam H.

First off, I NEVER write reviews. This is my first one ever and for good reason- THIS WAS THE BEST MASSAGE I EVER HAD. I was having major neck pain and kept waking up with a stiff neck, so I booked an appointment since I heard great things about Becca. After my massage I felt so relieved and slept wonderfully that night. Becca is awesome at explaining ways to prevent strains. I recommended Becca to my boyfriend since he does Crossfit and now he goes regularly! I will definitely start to go more regularly as well.

February 2015, Brigitte A

I have been seeing Becca regularly for massages for a year. I have neck and lower back tightness and pain, as well as occasional injuries from working out. Regular massage has helped increase my flexibility and mobility, as well as reduce my pain. Becca provides a fabulous massage, but what makes her unique is her focus on stretching and injury prevention and recovery. She is very professional and always makes me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her!

January 2015, Marsha C

I get a massage here at least once a month!  Sometimes once a week, depending on my schedule.  I have brought my mom, my mom-in-law, my nanny, and many friends to see Becca and Laura, both fantastic massage therapists.

Becca was amazing for prenatal massage and postnatal massage as well.  She does this thing where she kind helps your organs go back to their proper place after delivery.

September 2012, Jennie W

Becca is a wonderful massage therapist. Her knowledge of how to fix my aches and pains was perfect. I am sorry I waited so long to see her. I highly recommend Becca!

September 2010, Gavin D

Becca is new to Essential Therapy but not new to the industry. She is so smart and personable. She made me feel relaxed because she is super friendly. Everything she did she explained so that I would understand. I also learned what to do and what not to do going forward to prevent the aches and pains I was having. She is now a really good friend of mine as well as someone who helps me with a massage.

June 2009, Anna S

If you are looking for a terrific massage therapist in the Charlotte area with a solid understanding of deep-tissue related work, I highly recommend Becca. I’m a bit of a ‘workout addict’ and an avid runner…but unfortunately, my body doesn’t recover quite as well on it’s own as it once did. My sessions with Becca have been invaluable in making my runs ‘enjoyable’ again, and I’m sure others will benefit from her expertise as well.

May 2009, Sean M