New Location:

2040-B Randolph Road

Randolph Chiropractic Health Clinic

To my clients and friends,

It is with a sad heart I must announce that Essential Therapy, LLC will be closing. For the past 11 years as owner and 15 years as therapist here, I have appreciated your support and patronage. Unfortunately, the economic changes from the pandemic, affecting both my expenses and my revenue, have become insurmountable. Luxury businesses are always hardest hit in uncertain times, and despite an overall improvement in the economy, enough of my potential clientele and long standing clients have shifted their priorities that I am no longer growing.

 This has been an extremely difficult decision for me as I truly love  my clients and the work I do. I feel incredibly lucky that I was able to do this for as long as I have been. From the day I took ownership from Laura, who was as supportive and helpful a mentor as anyone could wish for, I have been bolstered by the trust and encouragement I have received from friends, family, and clients. Massage therapy is a very difficult field to have longevity in, and to know that this autumn marked 20 years of doing something I love tells me this practice was something special.

From this point forward, I will not be selling packages, and gift cards will only be issued for appointments on the books.  Current packages and gift cards are still good, and I encourage you to redeem them. If you have purchased packages previously and book within 4 weeks, you will still be offered an equivalent discount.  If you are unable to redeem them before our final closing date, to be determined for sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2024, arrangements are being made for you to use them with other therapists and alternative health practitioners, including Perry, for a short grace period. Further updates will be announced as they are finalized.

Thank you again for the incredible faith you have put in me and my fellow therapists over the last 15 years since I joined Laura at Essential Therapy. I have grown and learned so much from working here and working with all of you.

At this time, Essential Therapy is requesting masks for clients, especially those who are unvaccinated or showing symptoms of any illness (including colds or allergies).


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