UPDATE: Under NC Executive Order 141, we have been allowed to reopen at a reduced capacity and with a number of new health requirements. We are currently only seeing existing, low risk clients unless you have a referral from our health care partners. Please call your therapist or our office to discuss these changes and to check our availability.

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS WITHOUT A REFERRAL FROM A PARTNER HEALTH CARE PROVIDER AT THIS TIME. We anticipate accepting new clients when NC and Mecklenburg County enter Phase 3.

Due to NC Executive Order 120, wherein we have been ordered to shut down (issued 3/23 for 3/25 on), we are temporarily closing Essential Therapy. Currently scheduled appointments will be the first to be contacted when we reopen. We expect this to last at least until the beginning of May, and will reevaluate as conditions change and the orders from the governor are updated.

We encourage you to practice responsible social distancing at all times, and to voluntarily self quarantine as much as possible.

These actions will be a factor in deciding when to reopen and who we will be rescheduling, as we have many clients who are a high risk for complications.

Containing this pandemic is a group effort that requires as much effort from the healthy as from the sick. Check out my blog about remaining #SociallyconnectedPhysicallydistant.

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Massage for Peak Performance

Are you ready to set a new Personal Record time?

Do you want to recover faster after a competition or a hard event?

Are you afraid of aggravating old injuries or recovering from a surgery?

Do you want a team behind you like the Professional athletes have?

Massage Therapy from our Certified Medical or Neuromuscular Massage Therapists can help you perform better, recover faster, and hurt less. Call us for more information today! 704-806-8380

We help in a variety of medical conditions:

 Frozen Shoulder          Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Plantar Fasciitis        Chronic Back Pain         Scar Tissue Removal


Want to learn more about how to prevent human trafficking and why it matters to massage therapists in NC? LookBeforeYouBookAMassage.com is a volunteer run site to help educate the public about what is required for massage, what you need to look for for your safety, and how to report suspicious business. Please read these blogs about how massage is changing in NC: Start here

If you are tired of pain and injuries limiting your performance, your life, or your fun, let Essential Therapy, LLC, help get you back to Healthy Living and Peak Performance.

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