Medical Massage

Doctor’s prescription needed

We coordinate with your doctor to treat your specific injuries for the best outcome and greatest relief.

All of our therapists have Medical Massage and advanced therapeutic training beyond the minimum state requirements.

Advanced medical massage techniques allow us to relieve surgery or injury based spasms, reduce scar tissue, lengthen contracted muscle and utilize muscle release techniques to encourage your body to heal more efficiently in a shorter amount of time.

You should inquire as to coverage before services as the patient is responsible for fees not covered by insurance. The cash rates presented here are discounted for payment at the time of service, not billed and pending collections through insurance company. These rates will reflect collection and handling costs. If you have an injury case and would like to receive service with payment through the responsible insurance agency, please contact us to review your case and needs.


If you have questions about Medical Massage, please read our blog here, or contact us for further questions.

Insurance Pricing

$35 per 15 minute unit
2 units per body region
4 units maximum per day


Prescriptions typically list one to two body areas requiring treatment.  Billing codes most often used with massage therapy / manual therapy treatment indicate units of 15 minutes of work. Maximum limits as listed above are the general rule regarding insurance coverage.  Your insurance may cover more or less than these limits.  If you are unsure of coverage, please be aware that the patient is responsible for any fees incurred that are not covered by your insurance.