Changes coming in 2018!

We’re making some changes! We haven’t updated our pricing in quite some time, and we need to keep pace with changes in the world. Look for these changes in the coming months, and continue below for some FAQ about why we’re doing this.

  • On February 1st, we will be changing the discount from the Are You Available email from $10 off each session to $7 off each session.
  • Pricing will also be increasing for Kinesiotaping, from $10 per treatment area to $20 per treatment area. This change is planned for April 1st.
  • Pricing will be increasing for all massages, with a planned date of June 1st. While the exact amount is not yet determined, keep an eye out for updates in future posts.
  • Reduced pricing and e-book formats for the stretch and self care workbooks are planned for August 1st. Again, the exact changes are not yet final, but more information will be uploaded as we make final decisions.

Why are your prices changing?

Mostly, there are cost of business changes that need to be covered. Rent and utilities are increasing, as usual, but I am also replacing equipment like computers, table heaters, and in the near future, washing machines. I am also expanding other services and behind the scenes business management so that I can focus on my clients better. Additionally, I have increased my training since the last price increase, and look to keep pace with my position in the field.

Can I still get discounts on services? 

Yes, absolutely! In addition to the discount from the Are You Available newsletter, there will still be packages available at a discount. You can enter for free massages at raffles at events like charity 5Ks, brewery run clubs, and the Business Sorority Holiday event. You can also purchase Buy One Get One Half off each year during the Holidays. Lastly, you can get a bonus for referring a friend as a new client: both you and your friend get 15 minutes free if they tell us you referred them.

What other ways can I get support for my health and support your business?

Great! We can offer you Kinesiotaping to support healing for a number of problems, and since charges are per treatment area and not time or amount of tape, it can be a cost effective way to continue to work on your issues. We also have workbooks for stretching and self massage that you can use for home care. We are also looking to launch a new offering in conjunction with some of our fellow health professionals in the first Quarter of 2018.

 I still don’t like it.

We appreciate your support of your business over the years. As we continue to grow, we hope we’ll soon offer something that fulfills your future needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!