Joint Care and Stretching

Did you know that most of the tissues in our bodies receive nutrients from our blood circulation, but our joints have very little blood supply? How do the tissues of our joints receive nutrients and hydration, and remove waste? Movement! The movement of our joints causes synovial fluid to circulate throughout the joint capsule, bathing the tissues of the joint in nutrients, removing toxins and metabolic waste, and restoring lubrication and shock absorption. You could have the best diet in the world but starve your tissues with lack of movement!

Uomo in corsa muscoli corpo umano

Practice moving every joint through its full range of motion 5-10 times. Joint mobility not only feeds, hydrates, and restores your joints, but also helps prevent injury by awakening your nervous system and body awareness (proprioception). Use this 10-15 minute sequence as a warm-up before exercise, to recover between workouts, or as part of your morning routine.

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