Health and Safety practices for Covid-19


UPDATE: Despite the Governor’s announcement, we will be continuing to require masks for your treatments for the time being. After we have reviewed therapist concerns, community spread numbers, and guidance from our professional boards, we will update our policies to reflect our best understanding.

Update: As numbers are spiking and we are returning to some of the restrictions loosened by Phase 3, we do not anticipate seeing new clients for some time. Immediate family members occupying the same household as current clients may call to inquire as to possible treatment- we will be asking in-depth questions about safety measures including mask and stay-at-home/ safer-at-home compliance. This is not a guarantee of willingness to see immediate family.

UPDATE 5/29: Under NC Executive Order 141, we have been allowed to reopen at a reduced capacity and with a number of new health requirements. We are currently only seeing existing, low risk clients unless you have a referral from our health care partners. Please call your therapist or our office to discuss these changes and to check our availability.

Remember, the goal is not just to prevent you from getting Covid-19, but to assume you are asymptomatically infected and avoid spreading it.

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(* indicates requirement by State or National Boards)

  • *Wash linens between each client, including face rest and arm rest covers
  • *Wash hands immediately before and after each client
  • Hot wash with Oxyclean booster
  • 2-4x per year bleach wash all linens
  • Disinfectant wipes used to wipe down door handles, computers, phones, countertops, light switches, cabinet handles,  etc


  • Review and update hand washing policies
  • Review and update sick day and sick cancellation policies
  • Put clock next to therapist break room sink to ensure 30-45 second wash
  • More frequent wash of non client linens (holsters, dust clothes, etc)
  • Adding non porous barrier layer between client and cushioning to all tables


  • As we are officially under a state of emergency, high risk clients such as the elderly, immunocompromised, or care takers for the above are asked to delay scheduling until local conditions have improved to safe levels.
  • EDIT 5/14/21: Masks will continue to be required by the business for the time being.
  • EDIT 5/19/20: Stagger and spread out appointments to reduce the number of people in the office at one time, and “split staffing” (no overlap between therapists) to reduce cross contamination of quarantine groups. Please note this may affect availability
  • EDIT 5/19/20: For therapist safety, we require a review of health prior to a client’s return following illness
  • EDIT 5/19/20: Masks will be required for both clients and therapists during their sessions
  • EDIT 5/19/20: Pulse oximeter readings will be taken to check for silent hypoxia, an under recognized sign of active infection
  • EDIT 5/19/20: temperature will be taken to check for fever, a sign of active infection
  • EDIT 5/19/20: Failure to comply with above safety checks and appointment requirements will be considered a no show appointment and you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee
  • EDIT 5/25/20: HEPA filter in the therapy room during occupied hours
  • EDIT 5/25/20: EPA-approved disinfection of chairs, tables, door handles, and client surfaces, etc between each session
  • EDIT 5/25/20: EPA-approved disinfection of phones, tablets, and monitoring devices, etc between each session
  • EDIT 5/25/20: Required signage regarding occupancy limits, guidelines, and safety measures
  • EDIT 5/25/20: Clean linens stored in covered bins until use.
  • Bleach wash all linens until spread of Covid-19 is significantly curbed
  • Changing out soft fleece headrests for vinyl ones for easier cleaning
  • Blankets by request only. Moving from hand made blankets to fleece ones for easier cleaning.
  • More lenient cancellation policies for sick clients

More changes may be added as we review our practices for client and therapist health. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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