FAQ: COVID, vaccinations, and masks

Q:Will I be required to wear a mask? A: Yes. Even with vaccinations becoming increasingly available, spending an hour in close proximity is a risk.

Q: I haven’t been feeling well today. Will I be charged for a late cancellation? A: At this point in time (Spring 2021) we are not penalizing people for illness related cancellations. We appreciate your honestly and concern for our safety.

Q: I have developed symptoms since our massage. Do I need to call you? A: Yes, please. Because of the amount of time we spend with each client, the possibility of sharing with the people after you is high. Please let us know so we can stop the spread as soon as possible.

Q: I’m waiting for the results of a COVID test. Can I get a massage? A: No. Please wait until you have confirmation that you are negative before coming in. The risk of transmission is very high because of the amount of time we spend in a shared breathing volume.

Q: I’ve recovered from COVID. Can I get a massage at your clinic? A: Yes, as long as at least 3 weeks have elapsed since you had symptoms (excluding Long COVID fatigue, shortness of breath, and taste/smell issues).

Q: I’ve had my vaccine. Will you be following up with me after my session? A: No, after at least one confirmed session that you have been fully vaccinated, we will not follow up with you. However, please remember to call us if you develop unusual symptoms, as many of our other clients are not yet vaccinated.

Q: Will you be taking new clients soon? A: Maybe. The numbers are still quite high, and we are seeing a stall out in the drop in cases. Expect us to only take personal referrals to start, probably in late spring.

Q: I have a gift card/ package that I’ve had for quite some time. When will it expire? A: At this time our packages and gift cards do not expire unless they were acquired from a charity donation we made. Hold on to them until you feel safe to come in for a visit.

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